Whitewashing Isn’t Brainwashing: Since When Was Scarlett Johansson Playing Motoko Kusanagi?


Is it odd to see an American actress portraying a Japanese AI (Artificial Intelligence) robot? Most people would agree. However, if the proposed question included the terms “as a live-action reboot”, the response would evidently be the contrary. Sadly, the preconceptions and stereotypes that Hollywood reboots are always better than the original by casting a white lead actor/actress holds true for the film Ghost in the Shell. 



So….. I made a tumblr blog. 

It took me a while to figure out how to actually post something decent, and I think I did a pretty okay job at it. 😇

[They even allow you to post gifs yay]

It basically consists of random memes I find funny, or some thought provoking gifs – ‘cuz there’s  nothing more thought provoking than Alice In Wonderland quotes.

Also, I’d like to post all my memes on my tumblr – so I guess the memes section of my website is going to redirect you to that page. [If I could just figure out how to possibly master the art of WordPress]

But really, go check out my blog – I think you’ll like it. 😊


[This was the most tumblr post I’ve made yet]

[Sry I was waiting to say that for-ever] 😂


“Hello… It’s me.”

So hello from the other side…………… Just kidding, I’m in India. Again.

I guess it’s the only time I actually have the free time to blog and post stuff.

Also, I have a bunch of new comics I have to finish in the next 5 days of vacationing – and then it’s back to studying for my boards.

My takeaway from April 2014 (grade 9) to (now) — Do not underestimate Cambridge – IGCSE is a pain.


So I promise I’ll be updating soon… And this time they won’t just be status updates 😉


– Megha ☁️


It’s Been Forever…

Oh gosh….

I’m so extremely late in posting any new stuff… 😅

I still remember myself sitting in my room in Hyderabad and really concentrating on typing out the message for that song I made before during my winter vacations last year… But now I’m in the 10th grade. And also, something called school exists. And homework.

I haven’t really been reading any of the new 52 comic books for the new DC lineup (and I truly apologize for that) but I have been watching a lot of new shows recently – Arrow, Supergirl (only the pilot was released, but the show is gonna air soon!), New Girl, and I finished the whole series of Parks And Recreation during my recent summer holidays!

AND COMIC CON RECENTLY TOOK PLACE A FEW WEEKS AGO!!!!!!!!!!! (Epitome of awesomeness and amazingness here.) 😆

Also, the new 9th season of The Big Bang Theory, 2nd season of The Flash and 4th season of Arrow is coming out only during OCTOBER. OCTOBER!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait that long!!!!! 😭

There’s even a new show called The Legends Of Tomorrow coming up sometime early around next-year! I’m so excited for that too, considering it had the Atom, the Canary, Hawkgirl, Firestorm AND Captain Cold!!!!! That’s bound to be really good. 😊

Since I finally have some free time left now-a-days, I guess I’ll try to read or watch more and post a bit more stuff over here! 💭

– Megha ☁️☁️☁️

(for those of you who like to call me that)


Cover Art :: Incite

incite reignite dismantle, music

Vote for your favourite cover art for the cover of my new single: Incite, from my EP: Incite, Reignite, Dismantle :


News on my next single, Reignite, will be out soon.

Stay tuned for more polls on blog topics, and other happening issues!

Be sure to look around the blog and follow me on the social media sites found in the ‘contact’ section of my blog! 😉

Incite, Reignite, Dismantle

incite reignite dismantle, music

Now, by the name of this topic I’m gonna blog about, I guess you all must be wondering what these 3 words mean…

Incite: encourage or stir up violent or unlawful behaviour

Reignite: ignite or cause to ignite again

Dismantle: to take a machine or structure to pieces


Recently, I have been bored out of my mind, and I could never find anything that I could do (other than homework, projects and chores around the house) to keep myself out of that box of boredom, so I started to explore what some of my friends do.

Obviously, this can only happen during the holidays.


Hey guys!

Sorry I’m late once again… but it’s cuz of a valid and very important reason: IFC- International Friendship Camp at NACLI!

I had the most amazing time at this camp, and I just wish more of my best friends would have been there. I met alot of cool people from local schools around Singapore, and I hope I can do it again, soon!!!

(Hence, ONE-TIME JORDAN CLAP AND ONE-TIME YOLO! – For people who attended the camp xD)

I shall continue to post regularly! So, stay tuned!!!


The Flash

The Flash

After I spent a while searching around the internet for new TV shows to watch, I finally found one that I really enjoyed: The Flash.

CW’s The Flash

“Barry Allen wakes up 9 months after he was struck by lightning and discovers that the bolt gave him the power of super speed. With his new team and powers, Barry becomes “The Flash” and fights crime in Central City.”

– IMDb on CW’s The Flash

It is a spin-off based on the current hit series Arrow. The Flash (or the “Streak”) revolves around forensic scientist Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), whose father has been accused of murdering his mother, when all Barry says that it was a “supernatural being” and “gust of light” that killed her.

I’m Late, I Know…

Wow, I’m only on my third post and I’m late.

Sorry for the delay though! I was stuck with my unit tests, and I had didn’t have access to the internet (ok, I did, but not for too long).

New posts will be coming out soon though, I’m just editing a few stuff and it’s taking me a while, since I’m new here and I need to google anything I have to do, like “how to make a menu on wordpress”.

Right now, It’s kind of annoying that I can’t seem to get to put my posts under different pages. Well, I’ll continue to write and explore.